This October marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. In my opinion, every Christian should understand this pivotal moment, 500 years ago. It would be a great loss to the Church if this rich heritage were not studied. The Reformation “brought to light the truths of biblical Christianity, rescuing the saving gospel from obscurity” (Pickowicz, 7). But note, the Reformation is not over. The Reformation is still relevant today, as we find our selves in a “Gospel Crisis.” We have people saying Protestants and Catholics are basically the same… this is far from truth. Catholics have a different understanding of: the gospel, how a person gets right with God, and how to get to heaven. One view will lead to eternal life, and the other will lead to eternal destruction. Thus, this is vitally important.

You may be asking, ‘where do I begin?’ Well, I have a book I want you to read,… or two. First, get your face into the authoritative, inerrant, all-sufficient Word of God, then, read and study: Why We’re Protestant: An Introduction to the Five Solas of The Reformation”, by Nate Pickowicz. This book is vitally important! It is also a great introduction to the Reformation. It can encourage both those who are entirely new to the subject and those who are experts. As Steven Lawson said, ‘there was never a book that was so desperately needed in these dark days than this book.’ This book has done a fantastic job in calling the church back to her historic Reformation roots. In this book, Pickowicz aims to address the pressing Reformation question: How does a person get right with God? This question has equal relevance today. How do I get right with God?

Whatexactly did the Reformers believe? Well, they believed the sufficient Word of God. How did the Reformation happen? What glorious doctrine were rediscovered? Youll have to read to find out. Nate beautifully addresses all these questions in his fantastic book. He covers the current crisis, the origins of the Protestant Reformation, and the Five Solas (Scripture Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Christ Alone, For the Glory of God Alone) wonderfully! I highly recommended this book for both study and devotion. I pray that the Lord would ignite the same fire in the hearts of the Reformers. I pray that the Lord will raise up men who boldly stand on the Word of God. But where does it start? It starts and ends with the Word of God. It rests in Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone).

Nate Pickowicz ends his book with a resonating prayer:

“My earnest prayer is that every person would recognize their own need of salvation, repent and confess their sin to God, trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and find life in His name” (Pickowicz, 125).

It is not enough to simply know these truths. It is not enough to have all the head knowledge of the gospel. Does the Word of God transform your heart? Does it renew your mind? Does it give you a burden for God’s Glory and salvation to the lost? When we truly grasps these Solas, which are studied in the book, it should propel us forward in the Christian life. If it has not, something is wrong.

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